The best way to grow a business is to promote its products and services. Promoting a company can be accomplished in several ways. First, by advertising though numerous means, by promoting the business through personal contact, and third, by sponsoring or holding various events in the community that declare to the citizens that the business cares about its customers.

The Sales Reps at Vivid Marketing are the ideal candidates to accomplish the important task of promoting your products and services, and building your business on an ongoing basis.

If you ever come to a point where you think you no longer need advertising or the services of sales reps or business promoters, then that is when your business will begin to lose its customers and potential profits.

Vivid Marketing wants to help your business, whether large or small. If you are not generating the profits you deserve, or if you believe you have the room to increase your customer base, then our Sales Reps want to help!

Call us today, and we will be happy to have one of our representatives meet with you to determine how to best help your business grow.

It has been so long since the days of the penny candies that more and more of us are not old enough to remember them. Thanks to hard work, and ingenuity, we have brought it back...well, sort of. Starting at just a penny a piece you can advertise, or put out a coupon, in My Coupon Calendar!

Think about that, a full 9"x12", quality calendar designed, produced and delevered, with your company making it's mark all year long - for just a penny. Coupon calendars are not thrown away like a stack of coupons, and they hang around all year long.